1940 Census Enumeration Districts

If you can’t find someone in the census index, this table may help you locate them in a page-by-page search. This is a much easier process if you know the enumeration district where they were located. The table below shows the 1930 and 1940 enumeration districts for Barrow County, organized by militia district.

1930 E. D.1940 E. D.Description
7-187-19Militia District 1744, Cains
7-177-18Militia District 1743, Pentecost
7-167-17That part of M.D. 1742 outside Statham town
7-157-16Statham town
7-147-15Militia District 1741, Jones
7-137-14That part of M.D. 1740 outside Auburn town
7-127-13Auburn town
7-11 pt7-12AThat part of M.D. 316 southeast of the Cedar Hill-Carl Road and northeast of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad
7-11 pt7-12BThat part of M.D. 316 northwest of the Cedar Hill-Carl Road and southwest of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad
7-107-11Carl town
7-97-10That part of M.D. 249 outside Bethlehem town
7-87-9Bethlehem town
7-77-8Militia District 246, Chandler
7-6 pt7-6That part of M.D. 243 east of the Gainesville Midland Railroad, outside Winder and Russell cities
7-6 pt7-7AThat part of M.D. 243 north of the Seaboard Air Lines Railway outside Winder city
7-6 pt7-7BThat part of M.D. 243 south of the Seaboard Air Lines Railway outside Russell and Winder cities
7-57-5Winder City, Ward 4

Bounded by Broad, City limits, Ward line, Stephens
7-47-4Winder City, Ward 3

Bounded by City limits, Broad, Candler

Show separately Mathews Hospital
7-37-3Winder City, Ward 2

Bounded by Stephens, Ward line, City limits, Logansville Rd., Broad
7-27-2Winder City, Ward 1

Bounded by Candler, Broad, Logansville Rd., city limits

Show separately Barrow County Jail
7-17-1Russell city
Militia District 243, House
Militia District 249, Bethlehem
Militia District 316, Ben Smith
Militia District 1740, Auburn
Militia District 1742, Statham