• Athens Banner, 21 May 1915, p. 5
    As ‘Stay-at-Homes’ Pair Near Winder Certainly Take Pennant
    Winder, Ga., May 20 ~ In the year 1835 one T. M. McKleduff packed his belongings and with his wife and children left his South Carolina home and immigrated to Georgia. He settled on a farm three miles from what was at that time a broad place in the road but what is now Winder, the proud, hustling little business center of North Georgia. Of the original family there were seven, but all have crossed over the river to the shade on the other side, except two – the oldest and the youngest daughters. These two girls have never married , never been ten miles from the place upon which old man McKleduff settled and were never inside of a railroad coach.

    In 1866, Gus Adams, colored, freed as a result of the fight between the states, left the Stanton farm and took up his residence on the plantation of McKleduff. He and his family are there today. Gus now owns 45 acres of the original plantation, and piece by piece the big plantation has been sold off until about 50 acres of the old homestead is all that remains. These sisters have resided on this spot of earth for more than sixty years.

    As stay-at-homes we believe them to be the banner pair of all Georgia.